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Sarawak Coffee

Black Bean Coffee and Tea Company
One of the great places in Kuching! I saw about this Coffee from our local blogger so that i decided to try. The coffee is so good and kaw gila!hehehe..This shop is located at the carpenter street.The shop not far from the Chinese Temple at the end of the carpenter street.I love this street because it is so vintage and peaceful :) You also can find Sarawak antique stuff or souvenirs here!

Olla!What a great Saturday i had yesterday! : D

Meet my cute lil Damia Hana in her rainbow shirt and my cute grandmother early in the morning!Good Morning all!~ Breakfast at Choong Coon Cafe
This is one of the great place you should go when you're in Kuching! The food is so damn good! :D I ate Laksa Sarawak, Garlic Bread and Teh C peng Special. Because im so greedy than i order 1 "Kopi Cawan" (a cup of coffee) after i saw the lady sent it to the table next to us. The cup is so vintage! :) This is the second time i come here after 3 years ago. Thank to Ahmad Endo and Nielsen for the treat! I didn't pay any at all!Huhu... If you want to visit this cafe you have to come earlier if not you'll have to stand for few minute or more to look for seats. They'll start their business at 7am until 2pm.For the laksa will finish around 11 am. So better go early before its finish!The specialities at this cafe is the Laksa Sarawak, Mee Jawa and toasted bread. Enjoy the pic that i&…