Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sarawak Coffee

Black Bean Coffee and Tea Company
One of the great places in Kuching! I saw about this Coffee from our local blogger so that i decided to try. The coffee is so good and kaw gila!hehehe..This shop is located at the carpenter street.The shop not far from the Chinese Temple at the end of the carpenter street.I love this street because it is so vintage and peaceful :) You also can find Sarawak antique stuff or souvenirs here! 

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with my tour guide!heheh.. :)

so vintage!


end of saturday outing!

Olla!What a great Saturday i had yesterday! : D

Meet my cute lil Damia Hana in her rainbow shirt and my cute grandmother early in the morning!Good Morning all!~
Damia and atok! :)
Breakfast at Choong Coon Cafe
This is one of the great place you should go when you're in Kuching! The food is so damn good! :D
I ate Laksa Sarawak, Garlic Bread and Teh C peng Special. Because im so greedy than i order 1 "Kopi Cawan" (a cup of coffee) after i saw the lady sent it to the table next to us. The cup is so vintage! :) This is the second time i come here after 3 years ago. Thank to Ahmad Endo and Nielsen for the treat! I didn't pay any at all!Huhu...
If you want to visit this cafe you have to come earlier if not you'll have to stand for few minute or more to look for seats. They'll start their business at 7am until 2pm.For the laksa will finish around 11 am. So better go early before its finish!The specialities at this cafe is the Laksa Sarawak, Mee Jawa and toasted bread. Enjoy the pic that i've taken! :)

our drinks!  teh peng / teh c peng special / ice lemon tea
*nielsen in action!

kopi cawan!kaw gila!

my menu! :) laksa sarawak and garlic bread
The best garlic bread ever! Better than pizza hut! And don't forget to dip it with laksa sauce!seriously it is very nice!
cecah with kuah laksa!nang nyaman!
Okay that's all for today!have a nice weekend! ;)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Am i ?

Am i in love? no i'm not..

Am i heartbroken? yes i am..
Am i confused? yes i am..

Am i ready to move on? i guess im not..
Am i missing some one? im confused..

LOVE is just a waste of time..Hope you're happy right now..

Saturday, September 3, 2011

missing you... :'(

missing u badly..

y u text me..
y u call me..
y u appear online..
y u still care about me..
u make me missing u badly.. :'(
i tried to forget about u so fucking hard but y do u still appear in my life..y..y.y.. :(
but i still miss u even though i hate u..burn everything..block everything..hide everything...
please help me allah.. :'( help me to forget him.. :'(

Miss you, miss you so much, because I miss you so much,
Everyday all by myself, calling and calling you
Want to see you, want to see you, because I want to see you so much
Now it’s like I have this habit, keep calling out your name 
(by amalia alias)


A song fo myself... 
Tajuk Lagu: Takut
Artis: Amalia Alias
Mungkin ku tak bisa menyatakan
Apa yang terintas di benakku
Bukan kerana ku tak mencinta
Cuma kerana ku tak mampu menatap matamu
Tapi bukankah semua rasaku
Sedia kau tahu tanpa ku perlu
Menggapai pena dan menulis
Apa yang ada di hatiku
Kerna dalam hatiku
Selalu ada kamu
Tuhan tolonglahku
Kerna aku takut kehilangan dia
Kerna aku takut dia kan pergi
Meninggalkan ku sendiri di sini
Tuhan tunjukkanlah
Apa yang terukir dalam hatinya
Jalan mana yang harusku datangi
Agar terlerai kusut

Monday, April 25, 2011


dream calculus book! :D

Evening!!!!i just back from my campus!!fuh..what a done with my first paper!! then 2weeks from now..ill be having my last paper!!Im done with calculus..i still dont know what to say..or how shud i say bout my feeling rite i relief? satisfied? am i in a comfort zone?oh gosh!no!im not!e/though the carrymark out  already..but still cannot comfort me..hmmm..arap2 ok la smua..cant wait to see my lecturer on this thursday!to check whtr i pass or not..actually i took this killer paper the 4th times aready! this is my very2 last chance!!!AMIN lulus!!!!AMIN!!
kepak dah blaja maut operasi kamikaze for 2days!no foya2..mun x lulus juak ndak la ku 

tauk gik!all i can say...i just pray to pray for the best!thank you ALLAH for blessing me!! :) now i started to feel sad and numb....thingking about leaving UNIMAS..hw i rili wish time tcking quickly during my semester..but now in the last semester where in 2 weeks theres no more more assigmnt..n more test...which is i hatei s so mucm!but! gonna miss it so much..all the sweet and sad memories will be remembered for the rest of my life! :D

 how i wish this is all mine..

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


oh dem!
im gonna b like this until 9 may!
Hye all!!waaaa..i thnk this is just my second entry! malas to update!sebab aku boring gaban tym tok!so i want to rilis my feelings!!today im not feeling so well..i had a fever since last 2 days..i got cough..flu..headache...n also nose and ear block!i've tried the petua i found in the google..but still didnt work!oh no! im gonna be pekak for these few final exam is just around the corner! 1st paper on the 25 april  was my calculus which is i repeted for the 3rd time..aka..TR3(unimas term for repeters...heheh..) also means last chance for me to resit it or i will be tut!never want to say that word!hahaha..nauzubillahiminzaliq! 

i wanna be like this!no stress! :)
Then 2 week after that i'll be having my System programming paper..on the 9 may where i also repeat the paper but for the 2nd time..hopefully i'll be pass!amin!i dont want to stay in UNIMAS!!!getting bored oredy facing all this kind of books..numbers..code and what so eva..i was so Jealousy with my x coursemate where they already working n making money!!mok juak!!!waaaa!!!hmmm..hopefully i'll be lulus with flyg colors like rainbow!!huhuhu..then i can go foa a long vacation!ho yeah!ok peeps!i wanna start my study now!take care!i'll update soon!kalo rajin..muaahahahahhaa... :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010


pelangironaroni!! hahaha.. name that i choose for my blog! hi all! im new name is meen..i really love rainbow and colorful stuff or anythng that look fancy and unique! i love to laugh and be happy all the time! cant wait to start blogging! :D