dream calculus book! :D

Evening!!!!i just back from my campus!!fuh..what a done with my first paper!! then 2weeks from now..ill be having my last paper!!Im done with calculus..i still dont know what to say..or how shud i say bout my feeling rite i relief? satisfied? am i in a comfort zone?oh gosh!no!im not!e/though the carrymark out  already..but still cannot comfort me..hmmm..arap2 ok la smua..cant wait to see my lecturer on this thursday!to check whtr i pass or not..actually i took this killer paper the 4th times aready! this is my very2 last chance!!!AMIN lulus!!!!AMIN!!
kepak dah blaja maut operasi kamikaze for 2days!no foya2..mun x lulus juak ndak la ku 

tauk gik!all i can say...i just pray to pray for the best!thank you ALLAH for blessing me!! :) now i started to feel sad and numb....thingking about leaving UNIMAS..hw i rili wish time tcking quickly during my semester..but now in the last semester where in 2 weeks theres no more more assigmnt..n more test...which is i hatei s so mucm!but! gonna miss it so much..all the sweet and sad memories will be remembered for the rest of my life! :D

 how i wish this is all mine..


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