oh dem!
im gonna b like this until 9 may!
Hye all!!waaaa..i thnk this is just my second entry! malas to update!sebab aku boring gaban tym tok!so i want to rilis my feelings!!today im not feeling so well..i had a fever since last 2 days..i got cough..flu..headache...n also nose and ear block!i've tried the petua i found in the google..but still didnt work!oh no! im gonna be pekak for these few final exam is just around the corner! 1st paper on the 25 april  was my calculus which is i repeted for the 3rd time..aka..TR3(unimas term for repeters...heheh..) also means last chance for me to resit it or i will be tut!never want to say that word!hahaha..nauzubillahiminzaliq! 

i wanna be like this!no stress! :)
Then 2 week after that i'll be having my System programming paper..on the 9 may where i also repeat the paper but for the 2nd time..hopefully i'll be pass!amin!i dont want to stay in UNIMAS!!!getting bored oredy facing all this kind of books..numbers..code and what so eva..i was so Jealousy with my x coursemate where they already working n making money!!mok juak!!!waaaa!!!hmmm..hopefully i'll be lulus with flyg colors like rainbow!!huhuhu..then i can go foa a long vacation!ho yeah!ok peeps!i wanna start my study now!take care!i'll update soon!kalo rajin..muaahahahahhaa... :)


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